“Boycott the Before”

I scrolled through my old pictures, trying to find one that captured how sick I was when I was anorexic so I could post it on social media for National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. Ed nagged at me, saying “You weren’t skinny enough in that picture, nobody will believe you were sick” and “Oh wow, see how good you looked back then? You should restrict and overexercise again, you’ll get that old bod in no time”. At first, I felt myself falling into his traps, doubting the severity of my illness and my healthy current body. But then, I angrily tossed my phone aside on my bed and confronted the demon in my head.

“Ed, you have no power over me. I kicked you out a long time ago, and you are intruding on my new life– a life free from your wicked lies. I don’t need a picture to tell anyone how sick I was, because the real battle was inside my head, and my current body is healthy and beautiful. I don’t need a before picture, all that matters is the after.”

All that matters is the after. I repeated it over and over in my head. I never ended up posting that before picture– a photo of me at a dangerously low body weight with thinning hair and a sunken in face– because it truly does not matter. I don’t want the world to see how sick I was, because that is irrelevant to the awesome place I’m in now. I want social media to see the real me, the me that is happy and confident and authentic, who does not give any power to lying, slimy Ed.

I encourage you all to join the Boycott the Before movement, where the focus is on who you are today rather than who you were when you were sick. The world needs more positivity and recovery focused posts. Of course, it is important to spread awareness of the dangers of eating disorders, and that is a big part of my blog. However, I believe that posting pictures of my sick body will not help but rather will harm those who are trying to recover. Besides, my smile is much more genuine now than it was when I was sick… and that’s what I want the world to see. So here is my only before and after picture: the change from a forced smile on the left to a genuine smile on the right is something I am damn proud of.IMG_3985

2 thoughts on ““Boycott the Before”

  1. Mirjana

    This is amazing and I totally agree! I deleted all the triggering photos I had of me at my lowest weight because the relationship I had with them was unhealthy. I’d rather look at the present and the future. Future me needs me to keep growing in my recovery, and posting a before-and-after picture feels more like giving credit to past me for something that is kind of twisted. Also, the weight I was at then says nothing about how much I was actually suffering, even though Ed likes to tell us it says everything. The before-and-after photo you posted here is much more accurate to what Ed actually does- takes away our joy and freedom. The picture on the right is so beautiful. Keep up the good fight xo

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