Body Posi– Anytime, any Size

The mirror is a funny thing. Sometimes, I think I look like a supermodel, and that I should get a killer Instagram picture ASAP. But most of the time, I think I look like a hot mess… I hate my hair, my skin has broken out, I see rolls of fat, and I just want to cry. In all honesty, I don’t think I’ve seen a truthful representation of my figure in the mirror in a very, very long time.


However, I choose to love my body regardless of what the mirror reflects that day. Being body positive doesn’t necessarily mean I always like what I see. Practicing body positivity just means I appreciate my body for where it’s at, and all that it does for me. The simple fact that my body is still alive after all I put it through in my eating disorder is amazing, and that is why I don’t allow the reflection in the mirror to hold any power over me.


In our culture, many women struggle with body image issues, and it breaks my heart. I believe women are beautiful at every shape and size, because beauty goes deeper than the surface. We have to stop judging what is beautiful and “healthy” versus what is not, because every body is different, and every body is gorgeous.


That judgment includes your own body. When you choose to stop assigning value to your jeans size or your image in the mirror, you will experience a freedom like never before. I admit, I lost sight of body positivity this summer when my body composition changed, and my size became a part of many of my conversations. I was a slave to numbers again, and I did not like the person I was reverting to. I chose to free myself again from judgment, and I am so much happier now.


Body positivity can be experienced at any time, at any size. All it takes is a commitment to live your life free from judgment and to celebrate beauty from the inside out. I have made this commitment and I will never look back. You can, too!



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