No One is You-er than You

Sometimes, I lose sight of my purpose. I forget who I am. I yearn to be someone else, to be successful like someone else, to look, act, and go through life like someone else. But I will never be anyone else. I’m starting to be okay with that.


Sometimes, it’s hard to be so passionate about something and know that I am slowly reaching my goals, but then see a friend get there so much faster. I think to myself  “Wow, if only you were like her, you could go so far”. But I’m getting there my own way. And that’s okay.


Sometimes, I feel insecure. I want to crawl under my covers and never leave my room, because it’s easier to hide than to face the pangs of jealousy that hit me like a brick wall the second I see another student get a better grade on a paper. But I worked hard for that grade and I am still a great student; I don’t need to be perfect.


Do you ever feel like someone else is just doing life so much better than you? How do you respond? Do you let the jealousy take over and doubt every aspect of your being, or do you shrug it off and walk away? Perhaps you are somewhere in between. Whatever your response may be, know that comparison is the thief of joy.


If you truly want to be happy, whether you are seeking recovery or not, you must let go of comparisons. Free yourself from envy. You are the best you I could ever hope to meet; you don’t need to change a thing. So embrace the imperfect human you are and share the gift of your personality, your energy, with the world. Trust me, the world is a better place because of you– so don’t try to change or diminish any of your beautiful light.

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