Self Care is Important!

I sprung out of bed, as if it were Christmas morning. Bursting with excitement, I hastily shut off my alarm before it woke my roommate. I looked at the clock: 4:45 AM. Perfect.


Joyfully, I brushed my teeth and threw on my leggings and sports bra. I hopped in the car and drove to my very first early morning hot yoga class at the studio I’ve been going to for the last couple of months. This marked the day of officially becoming a morning person.


Some people think I’m crazy for voluntarily going to before-sunrise hot yoga classes. What college student goes to bed at 10 just to participate in yoga before 5 AM– awaking while her friends are still coming home from frat parties? This chick. Let me tell you about the method behind my madness.


I recently read a book that encouraged me to try something new– to wake up earlier and set an intention for my day. It took some time, but I was committed to becoming a morning person because it was a form of self-care for me. I was so tired of hitting snooze twenty times before dragging myself out of bed, and I hated the excuses I would make daily to stay in bed longer rather than embrace my day. I decided to make a change.


Now, I wake up and don’t hit snooze. I am excited to see what my day will bring! I make time for a solid breakfast and don’t feel rushed to get to my classes. Sometimes, I go to yoga, or go for a run. After a few weeks of this new routine, I have more energy, more joy, and more peace. Self care is oh, so important!

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